When Video Congestion Causes Customer Complaints

An Easy-to-Deploy Solution is Needed.

Tier One Operator in Asia Pacific Selects PeerApp for Better Video Quality.

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Slow Video Makes for Fast Complaints

A Tier One operator in the Asia Pacific region was experiencing network congestion and a significant rise in subscriber complaints about quality due to the substantial increase in video traffic in both its broadband and mobile networks. The provider needed a solution that would help deliver video to subscribers with a better Quality of Experience (QoE) as well as fit into its existing infrastructure with minimal disruption. The operator began to look at options to alleviate its network congestion without having to add more bandwidth.

Sandvine’s intelligent network policy control solution was already part of the operator’s infrastructure, so a requirement was that any chosen QoE solution needed to be able to integrate easily with Sandvine’s Policy Traffic Switch.

...the operator selected PeerApp due to its system stability, clustering and shared storage scalability, and excellent performance.

Tier One Operator in Asia Pacific

PeerApp Meets the Need...

The operator tested a number of solutions available on the market and chose PeerApp’s award-winning UltraBand® open content caching solution, which has been proven at more than 450 operators of all types worldwide. PeerApp provided better stability and cache-out performance than other vendors reviewed and didn’t affect traffic production. UltraBand stores the most popular content closer to users instead of needing to retrieve it each and every time from the Internet, alleviating network congestion and providing a better QoE to its subscribers. UltraBand’s transparency means that the system never interferes with the business logic of any application or service, and guarantees that content served from cache is always up-to-date.

The PeerApp UltraBand system integrates easily with the Sandvine Policy Traffic Switch and as a result, there is minimal change to operator network configuration and traffic flow. In fact, the joint Sandvine and PeerApp solution has been deployed at more than 40 service providers worldwide, leveraging the technological capabilities of two industry leaders to reduce costs for operators while increasing subscriber QoE.

In addition to UltraBand’s tight integration with Sandvine’s solution, the operator selected Ultraband due to its system stability, clustering and shared storage scalability, and excellent performance.


...Accelerating Delivery to Create Happier Customers

Currently, PeerApp supports content delivery to more than 3 million of the operator’s broadband and mobile subscribers. After installing PeerApp, the server provider saw increased stability to its network driven by PeerApp performance and capabilities.

As expected, PeerApp accelerates the delivery of Internet content to the end-subscribers, helping to eliminate stalls and buffering of video viewing thus improving viewers’ QoE; measurements show that traffic from the PeerApp system is 20 times faster than from the Internet.

The average cache hit ratio of content into the operator’s network is over 40% (meaning on average, over 40% of the content entering the operator’s network is being cached by PeerApp). This cache hit ratio translates into over half of internet traffic on average (47% at peak) being delivered to customers by PeerApp, without having going back to the Internet to get the content. This accounts for delivery speed increases and also lowers cost. These all contribute to an excellent return on investment for the operator, as well as more satisfied customers.