Creating Brand Advocates Help Major Telecom Top the Retail Market

This industry-leading telecom company wanted to create better employee interactions and higher customer satisfaction rates after determining a high ROI for loyal and enthusiastic customers. To do this, they initiated an organisation-wide, customer-centric shift that engaged all employees — especially the frontline — in understanding how they could impact and improve the customer experience.

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Create Brand Advocates from Every Interaction

Struggling with stiff competition in the industry, and stagnant market gains, this company wanted to launch a program that leveraged the power of their brand advocates through retail channels. They began by researching the value of their enthusiastic customers, and found that they have half the churn rate, deliver 9% more in average revenue per user and generate less than one-fifth of complaints. Using this information as a jumping off point, they developed a customer experience strategy to ensure the right goals, communication strategies and tracking systems were in place to turn customers into advocates.


4-point solution

1.Communicate Customer-Centric Vision with Frontlines to Get Buy-In

With real-time feedback, this company was able to show their retail employees how individual performance impacted the overall brand perception of the company. They then engaged all staff in a common goal of creating advocates by using reports, dashboards and score cards to relay exactly what customers experienced from employees and the brand. By getting buy-in for their customer-centric vision, everyone in the organisation became more focused on delivering outstanding customer experiences.

2.Make Reporting Transparent to Ensure Frontline Accountability

Following a retail transaction, customers now receive a SMS survey via the ResponseTek for Telko Listening Platform asking for feedback on their interaction. This feedback is automatically analysed and sent to retail employees as performance score cards so they can see how their service is contributing to the company’s goal of creating brand advocates.

3.Action Feedback to Create Services Customers Love

Managers now receive weekly email reports summarizing how their teams did, allowing them to:

  • Easily digest information
  • Identify problem areas
  • Create better training processes
  • Directly action customer feedback

This has allowed the brand to take action using customer feedback, creating better services that delight customers. For example, during peak holiday times when stores were extremely busy, customer comments suggested that offering a cup of tea would make the experience more tolerable. The company acted on this feedback and assigned brand ambassadors to serve customers tea, coffee and biscuits during high traffic times. Changes like these have contributed to satisfaction scores increasing by 6%.

4.Link Customer Satisfaction with Employee Compensation to Increase Engagement

The company now links employee bonus payments to customer satisfaction scores. Mechanisms are in place to ensure each employee receives enough feedback from customers they’ve helped to ensure the results are fair. Employees can also dispute results if they feel they are inaccurately answered by the customer (for example, the satisfaction score is low, but the comment is positive). This ensures employees are compensated well for their contribution to the organisation’s brand advocate goals.


Huge Increase in Brand Advocates to Boost Overall Customer Satisfaction to 87%

In the programs first 3 months, customer satisfaction rates rose from 81% to over 87%. There were clear gains from creating more brand advocates and acting on customer feedback. Changes to how retail employees treated customers also helped the company win 1st place in customer experience rankings by a major communications regulator in the UK. It also gave them a major ROI in customer renewals and retention.

ResponseTek for Telco' report is definitely a must-have. It gives me so much information about the attitudes of my employees, an asset because I don’t have time to listen to all their calls. It’s good feedback for me!

Team Lead
35% Increase in Survey Response Rates

Instead of relying on live agent surveys (which they used prior to ResponseTek for Telco), this company’s implementation of SMS surveys helped them increase the overall volume of data captured across their 600+ retail locations. The quickness and efficiency of these surveys has resulted in 98% of them being completed and responded to within 24 hours. That’s a 35% increase in overall response rates — 15 times more than what they had previously.