Customer First Initiative Increases NPS® by 25% in 100 Days

This leading European telecom provider was facing a decline in their customer-friendly brand identity and retention rates following a rapid period of growth. To rectify the situation, they used customer feedback and closed-loop processes to give employees critical insights on their service to customers. This led to a customer-centric transformation that put customers at the heart of their brand.

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Transform the Organisation So Every Employee Put the "Customer First"

To retain a weakened customer base and strengthen their public image, this company needed to undergo a major organisational shift where all employees focused on delighting customers. This would help them increase NPS, overall customer satisfaction and their brand image. They named this initiative “Customer First.”

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5-point solution

1.Understand the Customer Journey, Find Areas in Need of Improvement

To become customer focused, this telecom first needed to capture insights throughout the entire organisation. This would let them understand the customer journey and pain-points. Through this journey mapping process, they found many of their frontline agent had wide gaps in knowledge of products and provided inconsistent services to customers across the board. This was causing poor customer satisfaction rates, low NPS and high churn.

2.Establish a Customer-Focused Strategy

By conducting extensive research and using in-depth customer insights gained from post-interaction surveys, the company developed a customer experience strategy focused on:

  • Communicating expectations with employees and prioritising their customer experience efforts — the effects of which would help them improve customer satisfaction.
  • Giving frontline employees customer feedback directly through automated reports and dashboards.

These initiatives would help employees find out what they were doing wrong and right during customer interactions, while involving them in something bigger than personal improvement. The goal was to transform the entire brand image by setting higher standards where customers were treated better.

3.Hold Employees Accountable with Personalised Feedback and Consistent Measurement

The company launched the Customer First program and got buy-in from 3,500 customer service employees handling over one million customer interactions per month. Now, with their new system, the platform automatically and immediately sends customers a post- call survey after every interaction asking about their experience. These surveys name the individual employee who helped the customer, ensuring that customer feedback is personalised. This keeps agents accountable for every single interaction they’ve had. The platform also consistently measures employee performance so representatives can see what they need to improve upon on a regular basis.

4.Resolve Customer Concerns Right Away & Increase Response Rates

The immediacy of the post-call surveys encourages a greater number of customer responses because the interactions are still fresh in the customers’ minds. It also lets agents get back to customers more quickly. The efficiency and timeliness of this process has resulted in a ten-fold increase in response rates within the 3 months of the program’s implementation.

5.Get the Right Information to the Right People at the Right Time

With the ResponseTek for Telco Listening Platform employees login to the mobile app or desktop reporting to view their survey results in real-time. This helps them improve their individual performance, and the company’s performance as a whole. Managers also use survey results to focus training and coaching on identified knowledge gaps while senior managers use the same customer comments to support business decisions and measure the impact of customer experience improvements on the bottom-line.



25% Increase in NPS in 100 Days

By collecting customer feedback throughout the customer journey and identifying pain-points, this company was able to target areas for improvement, including agent knowledge, service and timeliness. Focusing employee training on these critical service areas drove a rapid increase in customer satisfaction, raising the NPS score 25% in 100 days.

With the level of detail ResponseTek for Telco provides, and the speed and ease with which it’s presented, we’ve been able to hold our staff and partners accountable for the experience they provide our customers more than ever before.

Senior Manager