Invigorate. Billing, real-time rating and charging for Telcos.

Converged billing with real-time rating and charging enables Telcos to create innovative, customer-centric propositions, providing differentiation in a crowded market. Invigorate is a real-time convergent subscriber billing system for Telecommunication Carriers, Mobile Network Operators (MNO’s), and Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO’s).

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Charging is changing

Invigorate provides solutions which simplify and automate the complex tasks surrounding rating and charging in a collaborative, multi-partner and multi-price service provider environment. Invigorate enables telecom service providers to quickly package, promote and discount services based upon a customer’s unique preferences, while simultaneously encouraging the use of additional revenue-generating applications.

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Invigorate solutions portfolio

Real-Time Rating and Discounting

  • Voice or data rating
  • Simultaneous voice and data usage
  • Prepaid, postpaid, or hybrid environment
  • Wireless or wireline
  • Explicit operator-defined rating instructions
  • Robust features such as Offers, Promotions, Bundles, “Joined Account”

Bill Shock Prevention

Event routing allows operators to send personalized notifications to their subscribers in real-time for:

  • Usage notifications
  • Diversions
  • Call capping
  • Real-time account replenishment to negate bill shock

Subscriber Management

Customer Care web portal allows CSR’s to:

  • View all subscriber account history
  • Modify subscriber account details
  • Adjust balances
  • View usage and recharge history

Subscriber self-care portal allows subscribers to manage and update their accounts

Rate Management

  • Easily create sophisticated charging and discounting models through a Graphical User Interface. Rate packages can be uploaded and verified prior to deployment

Key features

Real-Time Rating Engine

  • Complete real-time, end-to-end charging solution
  • Real-time rating, account management and call control capabilities
  • Deployable as a single service provider solution with flexibility to support any number of MVNOs

Data Reporting and Archival System (DRAS)

  • Securely stores all CDR’s, SDR’s, EDR’s, Transaction Logs, Subscriber Profiles, Security Profiles, Billing Profiles, and Service Profiles

Service Management Point (SMP) Central Point of Control Console

  • Web-based Graphical User Interface
  • Flexible access to system Operations, Administration, Maintenance, Provisioning, Customer Care and Rate management


Reduce Churn / Increase Customer Lifetime

  • Mix and Match tariffs for voice and data to meet market needs
  • Apply tariffs and promotions in prepaid, postpaid, or simultaneous service
  • Address individual market segments for the subscriber base

Accelerates Deployment and Time to Revenue

  • Simple integration with existing business systems
  • Adjunct rating without impacting existing core solution
  • Endless scalability as operator grows

Simplify User Experience / Inspire Customer Loyalty

  • Provide flexible loyalty programs
  • Enable end-users to control spending in real-time
  • Allow users to define, manage and enforce restrictions on voice and data usage

Why Choose Invigorate?

Proven Solution Deployed Worldwide

Currently supports over 15 million mobile subscribers in Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 deployments.


Vast Rating features to rapidly launch new subscriber services.


Limitless scalability as an operator grows or adds an MVNO.

Creative New Revenue Streams

Enables new business models and innovative pricing bundles.

Reduced CAPEX & OPEX

Single charging and rating solution for prepaid, postpaid, and hybrid accounts.

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