Vasona. Exponential mobile growth presents major challenges for mobile operators

With our Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) solutions that offer real-time insight and control of mobile data, operators will achieve greater network resource efficiency, reduced capital expenditures and deliver better customer experience.

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Unlimited tariff plans and the growing popularity of video content leads to mobile data congestion and increased Radio Access Network (RAN) latency. Subscribers become quickly frustrated with inconsistent service performance such as video start delays and stalls due to network buffering. 30% of mobile network cells carry up to 70% of traffic, resulting in congestion. Mobile operators face unprecedented network performance challenges in order to improve customer experience and reduce churn.

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Vasona Solutions for mobile operators

Vasona manages mobile traffic to deliver optimal subscriber experience


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SmartAIR® Edge – Located at the mobile network edge

From an aggregation point between the Radio Access Network (RAN) and the core network, Vasona’s SmartAIR® reacts quickly to end-user network demands and addresses threats to Quality of Experience (QoE), precisely where and when they are detected.

QoE is substantially improved during congestion, continuously analysing feedback from the network and automatically adapting to service impacting issues. It is the equivalent of adding 10-20% more network capacity at a fraction of the cost.

SmartVISION® - Measurement and Analytics

Data and visibility drive the management of emergency network issues as well as long-term planning. Vasona SmartVISION analytics software suite provides both real-time and historical insights into data service performance to support comprehensive RAN behavior analysis.

SmartVISION is deployed in Network Operations Centres to help teams visualize and analyze user activity, content sources, and available bandwidth to guide live troubleshooting and intelligent decision-making.

Video Shaping features

SmartAIR shapes video sessions to target bitrates. “Shaping” means that packets are released to the RAN at precise bitrates – the time gaps between packets belonging to the same application session are controlled. Vasona can provide this function when there are multiple, separate TCP or UDP flows for the application session, and even if the flows are encrypted (like QUIC). Video Shaping is a cell-level licensed feature and it has two options: Static or Dynamic.

Static Video Shaping

  • Dynamically sets a ceiling bit-rate for video sessions in real-time based on cell conditions
  • Different cells can be set to have different ceiling rates
  • Works for 3G and LTE
  • Frees up bandwidth to allow for more subscribers in the cell
  • When coupled with DRCF (Dynamic Rate Control with Feedback), video sessions still receive a minimum acceptable rate to ensure good QoE

Dynamic Video Shaping (LTE only)

  • Dynamic Video Shaping kicks in whenever the cell PRB Utilization crosses a pre-defined threshold in the SmartVISION





Dynamic Rate Control (DRCF) traffic management

Rate Control (DRCF) traffic management handles congestion in real-time. Working at the sector-carrier (cell) level, it applies to both http and https sessions.

Without Vasona:

  • The cell is inefficient
  • Applications compete for scarce, erratic bandwidth

Increase usage allowing cells to work at higher utilization without additional capacity.

With Vasona:
Application performance improves as does RAN efficiency.

  • Video QoE – fewer stalls, less buffering, shorter start delay
  • Browsing QoE – faster page download times

It’s time for Cost-Effective Quality of Experience

> Overcome network challenges
> Keep customers happy
> Save money

Congestion is unavoidable. You can keep investing money in your network and you will still have congestion because data traffic is growing exponentially. Use Vasona to manage traffic more effectively and deliver the best experience for your subscribers.

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Improved application performance & QoE with Vasona:

-20% reduce RAN latency

+30% better video performance

+30% boost browser performance

Improved RAN efficiency with Vasona:

5-10% CapEx savings

-10~20% improve Physical Resource Block Utilisation (PRB-U)


Strategically situated between the RAN and mobile core, Vasona solutions deliver:

  • 20-40% improvement in application performance
  • 5-10% in RAN efficiency
  • Optimised resources and limited overbids and capex
  • Local traffic breakout and performance management
  • Real-time analytics

Achieves a More Flexible Network

Transition to an agile RAN via an edge (MEC) software platform to support multi-vendor 4G/5G technology and future low-latency services

Delivers Best-In-Class Video

Improve streaming-media QoE, by shaping and guiding session rates to match current cell conditions

Supports Granular App Performance

Precisely manage app performance by time and location demands at the cell level

Supports Classification of Encrypted Flows

Manage busy-hour network traffic, including HTTPS, QUIC, TCP, and UDP

Allocates Resources Intelligently

Network slicing by classifying traffic flow, mapping it into slices, and making sure each slice gets the resources it needs dynamically

Why choose Vasona?

  • Provides leading solutions in network performance and edge computing software for mobile operators
  • Available across Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas
  • Our edge solutions are deployed in more than 150,000 3G & LTE cells
  • Providing enhanced customer experiences for more than 100 million subscribers
  • Managing more than 1 billion monthly video sessions

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