Service Gateway. Device management software solution

Service Gateway allows telecommunications, cable, and wireless broadband providers to manage devices such as modems, routers, set-top boxes (STB), and home gateways. Deployed in a network operating center (NOC) and integrated with operational and business support systems (OSS/BSS), Service Gateway enables remote support of subscribers.

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Improve customer experience in the home

Our Device Management and Home Network Monitoring in the cloud solution helps CSPs manage a wider range of IoT devices in the home and look beyond the connectivity by understanding actual network use, enabling a holistic in-home QoE monitoring and automated diagnosis and resolution, leveraging machine learning and AI.

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Hardware vendor-independent solution

Service Gateway uses a centralized Auto Configuration Server (ACS) to identify, configure and query virtually any type of current or legacy CPE (Customer-Premises Equipment) devices, including those with standards-based or proprietary interfaces. It provides automatic intelligent management of home devices for a full range of service fulfillment and assurance operations.

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Service Gateway solutions

Zero-Touch Activation

Service Gateway enables zero-touch automatic activation and setup of CPE via a secure, walled garden environment, providing an unparalleled level of account control and excellent customer experience.

Customer Service

If a customer calls support with a poor IPTV signal quality problem, the call center technician can remotely access the set-top box to diagnose the cause. The technician can also upgrade the firmware using Service Gateway’s interactive CSR UI.

Mass Firmware Upgrades

The Service Gateway Auto-Configuration Server (ACS) facilitates mass firmware upgrades of TR-069 compliant CPE.

The capability to upgrade devices automatically is highly cost-efficient compared to alternatives such as upgrading online, outbound service calls, mailing new equipment, or engineer call-outs.

Service Gateway’s Policy and Workflow engine allows service providers to define an event-driven, scheduled or hybrid policy to upgrade device firmware.

Control the gateway

As internet service users become increasingly connected on devices, it is important to be able to control and manage customer home gateways.


Hardware and Vendor Independent

Supporting a wide range of Ethernet and ADSL gateway devices, wireless gateways, VoIP ATAs (Analogue Terminal Adaptors), IPTV, STBs, and both fixed and mobile wireless terminals.

Intelligence & Flexibility

Delivers subscriber configuration parameters to every device in a customer’s home to ensure a smooth customer experience.

Compliance & Standards

Service Gateway is fully compliant with Broadband Forum standards like CWMP (TR-069) and is device/vendor-agnostic.

Remote support for subscribers

Service Gateway enables Telcos to remotely support subscribers with:

> Inventory management to ensure the right services and configuration are defined for each subscriber
> Support level-one call center issues remotely by displaying diagnostics and data
> Sophisticated configuration modeling and policy definition for targeted devices
> Customisable, feature-rich policy and workflow engine to enable zero-touch provisioning
> Automatic firmware upgrades, either as part of a workflow or on a schedule

Premier Support

Next-Generation Support for Service Gateway

Customer success is our #1 objective, and that’s why we offer several support options so customers can select the tier which maximizes the value for their business. Most importantly, all of our support tiers now include low or no-cost access to the ZephyrTel Prime program, which provides access to our complete portfolio of solutions for the Telco industry.

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Why choose Service Gateway?

Cost Reduction

> Auto-resolution of problems
> Seamless provisioning process


> Excellent customer experience
> Installation of in-life service applications (security, desktop help)

Revenue generation

> Provides upgrade opportunities
> Enables Value-Added Services (VAS) sales


> Customer service quality
> Total lifecycle service

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