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PeerApp Ultraband platform, including PACache and PALive, delivers content faster to end-users and slashes network costs, while dramatically improving QoE. For mobile, cable, and telecom operators who need to optimize their investments in next-generation networks, PeerApp provides open, adaptable solutions for local delivery of streaming video and other OTT content.

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Content delivery is becoming increasingly demanding

The phenomenal growth of digital content is fundamentally changing viewing habits and subscribers want to watch live events as they happen, without any disruption. Network congestion negatively impacts customer experience and brand perception, that’s why operators must look to accelerate last-mile content delivery.

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The PeerApp UltraBand platform moves popular content data closer to subscribers, by accelerating and virtually localizing content delivery. Data served from the caching system is made available locally, enabling delivery at much higher speeds.


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PeerApp Ultraband Content Delivery platform

PeerApp provides open, adaptable solutions for local delivery of streaming video and other OTT (Over The Top) content. PACache and PALive are designed for mobile, cable, and telecom operators who are seeking to optimize their investments in next-generation networks.


Content Caching Redefined

As the demand for digital content soars, PACache supercharges any network, increasing content delivery speeds and enabling operators to provide their subscribers with a haven of digital continuity. PACache empowers networks to meet the demands of ultra-high-definition (4K) video and future proofs for tomorrow’s exponential surge in enriched digital content.

PACache benefits

> Dramatically improves QoE

Accelerates streaming and downloads content faster

> Network cost savings

Offloads up to 50% of network traffic, reducing IP transit costs and infrastructure upgrades

> Full transparency

Preserves application logic for HTTP services and peer-to-peer networks

> Easy to deploy

Simple integration via PBR (Policy Based Routing) and DPI (Deep Packet Inspection)

> Ensure full transparency with no IP

Invisible to network subscribers and content providers, the system cannot be attacked or subjected to DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service)


Live Events Accelerated

When a large-scale live event is aired, a huge number of subscribers begin downloading live streaming content. PALive automatically identifies popular live streams and delivers them locally from the network edge. Not only does PALive eliminate network spikes, but by localizing live streams, it enables subscribers to receive content without buffering.

PALive benefits

> Eliminates network traffic spikes

Offloads up to 90% when streaming live

> Facilitates high-quality streaming

Localizes live streams, eliminating buffering

> Ensures excellent QoE

Accelerates streaming and content download

> Easy to deploy

Facilitates simple in-line and out-of-line implementation

How it works

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All traffic usage, including encrypted content, is dynamically managed to minimize data congestion and maintain a high QoE (Quality of Experience). Depending on the profile of customer traffic, QoE can be improved by delivering speeds up to 30 times faster with a 30% reduction in network costs.

Introducing PeerApp SaveShare

With PeerApp SaveShare, the service is charged as a proportion of the total IP bandwidth costs PeerApp saves you. So the more you use PeerApp, the more bandwidth costs you save and better network experience your customers receive.

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Premier Support

Next-Generation Support for PeerApp

Customer success is our #1 objective, and that’s why we offer several support options so customers can select the tier which maximizes the value for their business. Most importantly, all of our support tiers now include low or no-cost access to the ZephyrTel Prime program, which provides access to our complete portfolio of solutions for the Telco industry.

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Why choose PeerApp?

Increased Subscriber QoE

Competitive differentiation and improved subscriber satisfaction, lead to reduced customer churn

Operational Effectiveness

Reduces costs and enhances network management

Improved Service Delivery

Promotes revenue growth while optimizing network efficiency

Best-in-Class Support

Unlock new levels of productivity through our world-class support

With PeerApp you can ...

> Reduce network costs

> Maximize QoE

> Reduce churn

> Increase ROI

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