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Even with standards, interoperability between networks and network elements is complicated. Accuris is the globally recognized leading platform in simplifying the interworking between and across networks.

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Extending Your Network Reach

For mobile operators, some locations are harder to cover than others. Shopping malls, stadiums, and tourist locations have variable usage and intermittent peaks. The impact is poor customer experience. Extend your network reach by brokering seamless connection authentication on Wi-Fi served by a satellite network.

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With ever-increasing smartphone growth and usage, and subscribers expecting anytime, anywhere network access, Carriers need to provide frictionless WiFi connectivity to subscribers. Accuris solutions enable subscribers to move seamlessly and securely between LTE, GSM, Wi-Fi, IPX, and fixed networks while ensuring a superior quality of experience.

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Connecting Networks

Accuris Networks helps service providers monetize the connectivity between networks and is enabling the global interworking fabric for Mobile, IoT, and 5G services.

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Accuris Networks Solutions

Wi-Fi Offload

Simplifying Carrier Wi-Fi Offload

Mobile networks are flooded with data from smartphones. Streaming videos, music, and gaming are overwhelming the licensed RAN, and mobile providers are turning to Wi-Fi to augment the network with low cost, high-performance throughput.

Yet integrating Wi-Fi access with the mobile core can be tricky. A variety of security protocols, multiple vendors, and diverse standards can add complexity and impact the customer experience.

Accuris Networks simplifies Carrier Wi-Fi Offload. Accuris provides the tools to integrate a wide range of protocols, interfaces, and vendors turning Wi-Fi into a single, cohesive access network.

Why use Wi-Fi Offload?

  • Subscribers receive a consistent, managed, and billable experience. Fully compliant with WISPr 1 and Hotspot 2.0/NGH standards, the Accuris Wi-Fi server has proven integration with all mobile core vendors
  • Accuris captive portal solution enables service providers to combine existing and new customers, automate payment and track usage across venues and locations, delivering advertising, sponsorship, or promotion
  • Wi-Fi client connection manager to ensure seamlessly authentication and authorization

Wi-Fi Calling

An Agile, Secure Wi-Fi Calling Solution

Mobile Service Providers are turning to Wi-Fi Calling to deliver low-cost, high-quality mobile service whenever their subscribers are connected to Wi-Fi, but the ability to scale quickly and cost-effectively to meet demand can be difficult, particularly with bespoke hardware-based security approaches.

Wi-Fi Calling solution is the industry’s first software-based Data Gateway (eDGW) which combines industry-leading subscriber and service management and standards-based authentication mechanisms (EAP-SIM) with the 3gpp ePDG function.

Accuris Wi-Fi Calling Solution Benefits:

  • Software-centric Scalability – meet demand quickly and more cost-effectively
  • The industry’s first Bring Your Own Hardware (BYOH) program – buy from Accuris, buy from your supplier, we’re providing the software
  • Tightly control subscriber access to services based on a wide range of capabilities including location, device type, service plan, and more
  • Proven interoperability with leading IMS/TAS providers as well as devices (iOS, Android)
  • Available as a hosted Cloud service, or traditional in-network deployment

Wi-Fi Roaming

Turnkey Wi-Fi Roaming Hub Service

International roaming is a competitive business, with rates dropping and little opportunity to differentiate. Plus customers don't want to spend money on roaming - it's estimated that 70% of the time they travel, they remain ‘silent’.

How can mobile service providers add value and grow revenues in Roaming?

With Accuris Networks turn-key Wi-Fi roaming hub, service providers can quickly and easily add Wi-Fi access to existing mobile data roaming plans, discouraging ‘Silent Roamers’ from using low-quality, free alternatives.

Features of our Wi-Fi Roaming Hub Service

  • Geographically redundant, cloud-based managed service to start small, and grow quickly
  • Accuris Networks’ 3GPP AAA roaming ensures policy-based, trusted access for roaming subscriber worldwide
  • Available WRiX-compliant settlement and clearing house services
    Intuitive, brandable Wi-Fi roaming application (for iOS, Android) to facilitate finding and attaching to Wi-Fi access points while abroad
  • Support for a wide variety of Visited Wi-Fi Networks with different security, authentication, and interface support
  • Built on Accuris's carrier-grade Wi-Fi Roaming Server platform
  • Accuris’s Wi-Fi Client with WISPr 1+ is the only technology that links the devices and App to the MNO's home subscriber database
  • Accuris is the engine behind the industry's largest Wi-Fi roaming services (AT&T, China Mobile Int, EDCH, Telefonica)

Accuris CONNECT cloud platform

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Wi-Fi is a critical component of meeting the capacity and coverage requirements of a mobile society. But no single Wi-Fi network is enough. As a result, service providers need to manage Wi-Fi from a variety of providers and locations, as well as a multitude of access, security, and authentication technologies.

To simplify the process of building and managing a comprehensive Wi-Fi platform, Accuris created CONNECT, a connect-once, use many, platform designed to create a custom Wi-Fi fabric that meets the demands of a data-hungry customer base.

CONNECT is a cloud-based platform for delivering Carrier Wi-Fi services such as Wi-Fi Roaming and Wi-Fi Offload.

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Premier Support

Next-Generation Support for Accuris Networks

Customer success is our #1 objective, and that’s why we offer several support options so customers can select the tier which maximizes the value for their business. Most importantly, all of our support tiers now include low or no-cost access to the ZephyrTel Prime program, which provides access to our complete portfolio of solutions for the Telco industry.

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CONNECT Benefits

For Mobile Network Operators, CONNECT gives you control of all your Wi-Fi connections:

Bring Mobile Policy To Wi-Fi. Give subscribers the same service experience on Wi-Fi as on mobile

Control Your Wi-Fi. Move, add, change Wi-Fi providers, coverage, as needed

Assure QoE. Measure and grow subscribers’ Wi-Fi experience by tracking key service metrics

Arbitrage Costs Effectively. Prioritize network providers by a range of parameters, including cost

Create Peering Relationships. Like GSM roaming, CONNECT lets MNO's create peer relationships between Wi-Fi providers

Secure Your Subscribers’ Wi-Fi. Ensure the safety of their access to the Internet by using advanced authentication, authorization protocols

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