Network as a Platform Solutions

We are delivering network solutions to operators throughout the world, from Advanced Mobile Messaging and Remote Device Management to WiFi and Mobile Network Interconnect or Content Delivery inside the operator's network.

All our network solutions are now part of the Prime program.

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Accuris Networks. Connectivity Solutions Between Networks.

Even with standards, interoperability between networks and network elements is complicated. Accuris is the globally recognized leading platform in simplifying the interworking between and across networks.

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NewNet Mobile Messaging. Advanced SMS solutions.

NewNet Messaging enables Telecom Operators to deploy advanced messaging services, such as modular Short Message Service Centre (SMSC), IP Short Message Gateway (IP-SM-GW), SMS Firewall, Application Gateway, and 5G SMSF, to increase their revenues and reduce CapEx/OpEx.

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PeerApp. Content delivery platform

PeerApp Ultraband platform, including PACache and PALive, delivers content faster to end-users and slashes network costs, while dramatically improving QoE. For mobile, cable, and telecom operators who need to optimize their investments in next-generation networks, PeerApp provides open, adaptable solutions for local delivery of streaming video and other OTT content.

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Service Gateway. Device management software solution

Service Gateway allows telecommunications, cable, and wireless broadband providers to manage devices such as modems, routers, set-top boxes (STB), and home gateways. Deployed in a network operating center (NOC) and integrated with operational and business support systems (OSS/BSS), Service Gateway enables remote support of subscribers.

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Vasona. Exponential mobile growth presents major challenges for mobile operators

With our Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) solutions that offer real-time insight and control of mobile data, operators will achieve greater network resource efficiency, reduced capital expenditures and deliver better customer experience.

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