Mobilogy Now. Mobile device lifecycle management made easy

Mobilogy Now solutions help mobile operators and retailers to deliver revenue-generating services to their customers across multiple channels: in-store or on-device. Take advantage of Mobilogy's full suite of solutions including content transfer, diagnostics, wipe and AppLoader. Gather statistics and analysis for all activities.

When customers upgrade their mobile in-store, their expectation is to transfer all of their content to their new phone and get up and running while they wait. As phone storage capacity and usage increases exponentially, speed and convenience of content transfer is key to providing a positive in-store customer experience.

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Mobile device lifecycle management made easy

Mobilogy Now offers a full suite of mobile device lifecycle services including:

  • Content transfer
  • Diagnostics
  • AppLoader
  • Wipe
  • Analytics

Choose the platform to meet your in-store needs

Mobilogy Now Tablet


Dedicated high performance Windows 10 tablet, enabling complete mobility for mobile operators and retailers.

  • Leverages the speed of a wired connection and powerful on-board processing, to achieve content transfer speeds of up to 1GB per minute
  • Ruggedised for maximum durability and reliability
  • Supports over 10,000 phones and includes regular updates to provide day one support for newly released models
  • Offers the complete range of Mobilogy Now services and diagnostic tests

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Mobilogy Now Software


Highly cost-efficient software only solution, providing multi-tasking use of existing in-store Windows 10 PCs and tablets.

  • Simple and quick self-install onto your in-store devices
  • Compatible with any Windows 10 PCs and tablets that have a minimum of 4GB RAM
  • Uses PC and tablet USB ports for fast transfers via wired connection
  • Customer privacy and security is maintained by transferring content between phones, without storing any customer data on the PC or tablet
  • Provides identical level of phone support and range of services as Mobilogy Now Tablet

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Content Transfer

Seamless and secure transfer of all data from one phone to another when upgrading to a new device. Transfer options include everything from wallpaper to alarm settings, weather, photos, videos, contacts and apps, with typical transfer speeds of up to 1GB per minute.

  • More content, less time
  • Over 10,000 supported devices > Weekly updates for new devices


Create new revenue opportunities for your business and added value for your customers, by installing individual apps or entire app packages to any phone automatically, without burdening WiFi or internet connections.

  • Personalised for every customer and phone
  • Every app loaded is compatible with the device
  • Automatic distribution of updates


Gain insight into activities across your entire customer- facing operation, by gathering data from all Mobilogy Now platforms. Analytics provide real-time reporting and statistics for each service at the regional or store level.

  • Real-time visibility across your entire retail network
  • Improve decision-making with actionable insights into KPIs
  • Understand usage trends


Accurately diagnose mobile phone issues in-store. Improve the quality of service through automated device troubleshooting. Simplify phone upgrade processes to significantly reduce in-store wait times.

  • Supports over 180 software and hardware tests
  • Fast and accurate diagnostics for over 10,000 phone models
  • Resolves issues in real-time


Address customer reluctance to trade in their old devices, by wiping all of their content right in front of them.

  • Fully automated process to completely wipe devices in less than 5 minutes
  • Protects customers and your business from the risk of data leaks
  • Available for Android, iOS and Samsung phones

Why choose Mobilogy Now?

Fast Transfer

Fast full content transfer, including Android to Android and iOS to iOS, providing in-store customers with a complete replica of their phones in minutes


Over 180 diagnostic tests and repair procedures, to fix the most common device issues on the spot and avoiding sending phones away for repairs


Robust solution with unified management and reporting


Support for over ten thousand phones, including day one support for newly released models

With Mobilogy Now you can...

> Improve customer experience

> Shorten in-store wait times

> Diagnose issues faster Increase revenues

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