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VoltDelta is a global provider of multi-channel contact centers and directory service solutions. Our solutions are underpinned by expertise in customer experience management, voice automation, signaling, search engine, and search strategies, as well as interface ergonomics combined with a deep understanding of contact centers and directory services environments.

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Optimizing customer experience at every touchpoint is paramount

Despite the temptation to use technology to automate customer interactions and reduce costs, this can be a false economy, especially with complex inquiries or when customers are unhappy and at risk of leaving. Customers still value the human touch, with the majority still preferring to engage directly with a contact center agent. Reducing this opportunity risks alienating customers and increases the likelihood of churn.

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Intelligent contact management to optimize customer journeys

VoltDelta contact management solutions enable you to improve customer care and grow your business whilst reducing operating costs. Solutions include multi-channel call routing, IVR, ACD, and other tools, enabling virtual contact centers across the world.


Achieve more with VoltDelta solutions:

VoltDelta Oasis
Contact Center


OASIS is a cloud-based, multi-channel contact center service offering service differentiation and flexible call routing. No on-site equipment is required as administrators are provided with a web-based management portal, enabling complete control of the contact center service.

OASIS supports customers in the delivery of emergency and Telecare services as well as sophisticated multi-channel customer contact operations. The platform is capable of underpinning large-scale virtual contact centers across multiple centers and countries.

Oasis Features

Delivered totally from the cloud

All agent applications are delivered as “click-once” deployments and all routing, user management, and reporting is carried out via a customer web portal.

Multi-channel communications

Supports a wide range of contact channels including phone, email, web chat, SMS, and social interactions. Non-voice media are routed to agents using the same logic as for voice calls.

Highly flexible routing

Offers a wide range of routing capability, using a graphical routing plan, with flexible queue assignments to support skills-based queuing, VIP, and customer value-based routing.

Intelligent contact management

Able to track all contacts a customer has with an organization across all channels, providing the agent with a genuine 360-degree view of the customer.

Implement a virtual contact center

The OASIS cloud-based contact center greatly simplifies the creation of a virtual contact center including all existing call centers, branches, remote staff, and back-office experts.

Centralized call and screen recording

Implementing OASIS call recording ensures that the full end-to-end call experience is recorded, including any IVR interaction, inclusive of the agent desktop and across all agents.

Supports industry-leading CRM

Integrates with a range of leading CRM systems including Microsoft Dynamics and Oracle Service Cloud (RightNow CX).

Outbound Dialler

OASIS also supports both preview and progressive outbound dialler capability, with either simple list upload or programmatic interface available.

VoltDelta 360
Directory Service

A complete solution for Directory and Operator service providers.


360 Features

Search Engines

360 Search – fast and comprehensive set of directory services search capabilities.

Agent Workstations

Speed and ease of use combined with advanced search capabilities, putting answers at agents’ fingertips immediately. Features include simultaneous lookups across multiple local databases and within integrated websites, personalization and caller profiling, map integration, shopping cart functionality, and booking reservations.

Data Management

Powerful and flexible platform for gathering, cleansing, and merging data from multiple sources into a complete, up-to-date database.

Internet Directories

360 Web is a complete solution for building and maintaining dynamic web directories for a range of needs.

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Premier Support

Next-Generation Support for VoltDelta

Customer success is our #1 objective, and that’s why we offer several support options so customers can select the tier which maximizes the value for their business. Most importantly, all of our support tiers now include low or no-cost access to the ZephyrTel Prime program, which provides access to our complete portfolio of solutions for the Telco industry.

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VoltDelta Premier Support

VoltDelta contact management solutions deliver cost-saving value, deployment flexibility, and reliable performance, adapting to handle peak call volumes and providing the best customer experience. Our integrated solutions are tailored to enable our customers to increase sales, boost retention and reduce operating costs, with proven scalability and reliability.

Why choose VoltDelta?

Better customer experience

  • Enabling a single customer view across channels
  • Customer specific routing: VIP, lifetime/value-based

Reduced service delivery cost

  • Range of customer contact automation tools
  • Workforce Management integration

Integrated working

  • Back office system interworking
  • Integration with industry-leading CRM including Oracle Service Cloud and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Scale and reliability

  • High availability, scalable platform, and architecture
  • Proven in demanding 999-112 emergency call handling

With VoltDelta contact management solutions you can

> Reduce costs

> Increase revenue

> Improve customer experience

> Increase ROI

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