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Whether you’re looking to scale your business, launch new customer initiatives or slash tech costs, it’s time to unlock the power of ZephyrTel Prime. In a complex world, Prime simplifies how you succeed and grow, giving you one point of access to an ever-expanding universe of telco software, at low to no extra cost.

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ZephyrTel Prime is an exciting new program that gives you the power to do more with less. Simply by using one contract, you can unlock access to an ever-expanding universe of additional software applications, all at low to no cost.

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We’ve freed software from expensive, locked boxes and made it readily available to telcos whose ambitions may outstrip their budgets - which is pretty much everyone in these tough times. There’s simply no smarter way to deliver the IT cost-efficiency, simplicity and scale you need.

What essential software are you missing?

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Mobilogy 400x100 (1).png

Market-leading cross-platform solution delivering a full suite of mobile device lifecycle services to meet your in-store needs, including Ultrafast Content Transfer, Diagnostics, and AppLoader, with cloud-based analytics and licensing hosted on Amazon Web Services.

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ServiceGateway 400x100.png

Service Gateway allows telecommunications, cable, and wireless broadband providers to manage devices such as modems, routers, set-top boxes, and home gateways. Service Gateway integrates with operational and business support systems and enables remote support of subscribers.

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ResponseTek 400x100.png

ResponseTek for Telco is a cloud-centric Customer Experience Management (CEM) solution based on Amazon Web Services, enabling customer feedback to be captured as close to the customer experience as possible, delivering accurate information and optimal response rates.

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PeerApp 400x100.png

PeerApp delivers content faster to end-users and slashes network costs, while dramatically improving QoE. For operators who need to optimize their investments in next-generation networks, PeerApp provides open, adaptable solutions for local delivery of streaming video and other OTT content.

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Access Full access to our entire portfolio whenever you need it.

Added We regularly add new solutions to ZephyrTel Prime.

Value Access to software at little to no cost, so you can switch from expensive products.


What is ZephyrTel Prime?

ZephyrTel Prime is a new program exclusively available to ZephyrTel customers that unlocks low to no-cost access to the entire ZephyrTel portfolio of products, as well as to a growing range of carefully selected solutions from our sister companies. Our customers leverage ZephyrTel Prime to enhance their current solutions, add new capabilities and reduce current cost.

What products are eligible and are offered via ZephyrTel Prime?

The current list of Prime solutions is included on ZephyrTel Software Library. The list of ZephyrTel Prime-eligible solutions grows with every ZephyrTel acquisition, and we will update the website as we continue to expand the program with even more innovative solutions from our sister companies.

How many licenses are included with Prime?

Via the Prime program, customers with an active ZephyrTel support contract can consume licenses for each solution included in the Prime program equal to the full annual value of their paid agreement. A customer’s current ZephyrTel contract determines the available Prime credit for each of the solutions a customer may procure via ZephyrTel Prime. For example, a customer with an existing $100,000 per year ZephyrTel support agreement may access up to $100,000 worth of licenses for each solution in ZephyrTel's Prime program for as long as their agreement is active.

How do I sign up for a ZephyrTel Prime?

As a ZephyrTel customer, you’re already eligible to reap the benefits, but you need to have an active ZephyrTel Premier Support agreement. Simply browse the library, then contact your account manager when you’re ready to request software. If you’re not yet a ZephyrTel customer or you don't have a ZephyrTel Premier Support agreement in place, complete this form and one of our representatives will contact you to explain the process.

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