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300+ installations in over 300 leading global Telecom Operators

100+ installations in over 100
countries around the world

24/7 based in 5 continents with 24/7 multi-language support

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MobilogyNow Diagnostics: Adding Value to Your Business and Your Customers

Take a closer look at the Diagnostics feature of our market-leading MobilogyNow solution.


Mark Collins, ZephyrTel | Cloud City Live 2021

Mark Collins, SVP Commercial Product Management at ZephyrTel discusses with John Furrier at CLOUD CITY Live 2021 how ZephyrTel sees the future as a marketplace of cloud-based solutions.


Michael Speranza, CEO at ZephyrTel | CLOUD CITY Live 2021

Michael Speranza breaks down how ZephyrTel transitioned away from legacy, on-premises oriented business.



In this first session, Mark Collins, SVP of Commercial Product Management at ZephyrTel covered some of the key issues and challenges facing the industry and how you can best prepare for the future with solutions that will drive competitive advantage and improve customer engagement and retention. An exciting future for Telcos - are you prepared?

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Industry Debate

Mark Collins, SVP of Commercial Product Management at ZephyrTel, alongside a panel of industry experts, discusses how cost-beneficial it is to migrate your IT and network workloads into the cloud and if this really creates huge savings.

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Get inside the benefits of going Cloud-Native and using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to predict and prevent customer churn.

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