Providing customer value, scalability and transaction throughput to all aspects of the software portfolio.

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A software product portfolio aimed at all Telecommunications, Cellular and Cable companies.

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Meet ZephyrTel

Product Journey

Customer Journey

Our philosophy

Duality approach. Our roadmaps allow for both on-premise and cloud products, thus allowing Telco companies to migrate their infrastructure at their own pace.

Import process. The code bases of our acquired Telco products go through a proven import process, to evaluate and report on the code, fix bugs, modernize, reduce failures and increase global supportability.

People business. We believe that Telco software is a people business. We refresh our companies with the very best global talent.

A highly experienced team

Mike is the CEO of ZephyrTel and has led the company to significant, acquisition-based growth. As CEO, Mike leads the senior leadership team in defining the overall business strategy and ensuring our solutions are positioned to deliver maximum customer success. Mike is a highly experienced international software executive.

Prior to joining ZephyrTel, he has held senior leadership positions in companies small and large, from start-up to $4 Billion, and has a demonstrable track record of leading companies to transformational growth. In his diverse career, Mike has twice been a CEO of publicly listed software companies and has held senior leadership roles at Oracle, Micro Focus and HP Software.

Mike lives in the UK with his family.

Buddie is the SVP of Customer Success at ZephyrTel, the key executive responsible for customer success and guiding customers at the strategic level. Buddie is a successful Managing Director with highly significant Telco experience. He boasts a board level track record of producing superior business results in complex, multinational companies.

Buddie has led the growth of Telco and Tech companies across EMEA. More recently he has provided high-level management consultancy to global customers in North America, India and APAC countries.

Buddie holds dual South African and British citizenship and lives with his family in the UK.

As the EVP of Worldwide Sales for ZephyrTel, Andy is leading the global sales team in defining and implementing the sales strategy as part of the overall business plan. Andy brings over 20 years of sales leadership and general management experience to ZephyrTel.

His work experience has been intensively international, having been deployed in the US, Latin America and EMEA. He has demonstrated superior sales leadership in situations from early-stage start-ups to those of considerable scale. He also has deep experience in environments which are highly change orientated and with significant M&A endeavours.

Andy is a US citizen and currently lives with his family in London, UK.

As the Chief Operating Officer for ZephyrTel, Mooly is the key Director for all our systems and reporting needs, as well as the key interface between ZephyrTel and the Factory enabling greater understanding of ESW and its’operating processes. Mooly is a fast learning executive with a broad grasp of technology and business, experienced in working in a global environment.

With strong engineering perspective and experience in large-scale systems in the security and medical device fields, Mooly brings over 25 years of product development and product management skills to ZephyrTel. His work experience has ranged from small, fast-paced startups to large-scale corporations such as Microsoft and Philips.

Mooly lives with his family in Israel.

With many years in the software industry, Nicola is ZephyrTel's Chief of Staff. Prior to her role at ZephyrTel Nicola worked at companies such as Oracle, SAP, Business Objects and has latterly spent time in the broadcasting sector.

She has worked for large corporate organisations as well as smaller-scale businesses. She has particular responsibility for leadership team co-ordination within ZephyrTel and M&A activity. Nicola’s core focus is to ensure that strategy leads to swift execution.

Nicola lives in the UK.

Ali is an experienced business and marketing leader with over 25 years’ experience in large corporate, small and start-up organisations. As ZephyrTel’s Chief Marketing Officer, she is responsible for company brand, marketing pipeline, product marketing and all communications activities.

Ali’s previous roles have included Global Head of R&D Communications for Astra Zeneca, as well as over eight years at Microsoft heading up the UK communications team and as Director of Privacy and Social Media Strategy. Ali has extensive experience of strategic marketing, brand and reputation, business planning and restructuring, change management, employee engagement and crisis/issues management, all of which she has applied across different industries in companies at different stages.  

Ali lives with her family in Hertford, UK.

Fast facts

  • Owned by ESW Capital with a proven, audited model for long term relationships
  • Dual software model – on-premise and cloud
  • Installations in over 50 countries around the world
  • Continuously extending our Telco solution range
  • Value to Telcos: modernised software, 24/7 support, 10x throughput
  • Access to the latest engineering through our "Software Factory"
  • Over 4000 engineers worldwide
  • Installations in over 330 of global leading Telecom Operators

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Our software model

Providing Carriers and their Retailers up to 10x value increase in their software investments via:

  • Modernisation of the product code.
  • Porting of modern code to both private & public cloud.
  • A cloud centre of excellence with a focus on AWS and industry standard API hooks.

An audited model that can provide up to a 10x value uplift, via a 10x throughput uplift and a 10x TCO downshift working in combination.

Customer Value

Partnering for long-term success. Our Customer Value team of experienced global Telco professionals can help you identify improvement metrics, timings and potential product fit within an on-prem/cloud environment.

Global coverage. We have the scale, capital and reach to support your enterprise around the world.

Customer success. We want you to judge us by your own high standards of success, and our Customer Success Program formalises that.

Your own pace. We offer a duality of on-premise/cloud approach so your goals can be attained at your pace.

A world class portfolio

Serving the telecommunications industry worldwide with software products for retail, infrastructure, mobile, cloud, and customer experience.

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Content-acceleration solutions to bring content closer to subscribers

For mobile, cable and telecom operators who need to optimize their investments in next-generation networks, PeerApp provides open, adaptable solutions for local delivery of streaming video and other OTT content.

Powerful solutions to optimize every stage of the mobile lifecycle

An innovative suite of services and platforms that provide complete, end-to-end mobile lifecycle solutions to enhance the customer experience, improve efficiency, reduce cost, and generate revenue, from secure content transfer to diagnostics and apploader.

Virtual contact center services delivered from the cloud

VoltDelta provides a multi-channel contact centre delivered from the cloud and designed to promote and cultivate intelligent contact management, available globally, with primary hosting centres present across the US, UK and Germany.

Empowering mobile networks from the edge

Vasona helps you maximize the value of RAN investments and delivers superior wireless experiences from the mobile edge, offering powerful applications that enable a more flexible, intelligent, and responsive mobile network and edge cloud.

Messaging with Next Generation IP Communications

NewNet Mobile Communications provides messaging platforms for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), Inter-Carriers, telecommunication providers and enterprises throughout the world.

Rating & Charging solutions

Invigorate is a real-time rating and charging system engineered to meet the needs of operators in today’s ever-changing and competitive environment.

Customer Experience Management Solutions

ResponseTek for Telco drives hardline revenue growth through effective, easy to use and engaging customer experience management, providing insight and action on how to retain customers, grow share of wallet and add new customers.

Device management software solution 

Deployed in a network operating centre (NOC) and integrated with operations and business support systems (OSS/BSS), Service Gateway manages devices such as modems, routers, set-top boxes, and home gateways and enables companies to remotely support subscribers.