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All from one proven provider.

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Introducing ZephyrTel Prime for Telcos

ZephyrTel Prime is a revolutionary way for our customers to unlock low to no-cost access to even more software. The solutions available with ZephyrTel Prime can help scale your business, launch new initiatives, and reduce technology expense.

What essential software are you missing?

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Get full access to our entire library of software solutions

Our market-leading portfolio spans critical enterprise functions and we continue to develop and acquire across all elements of the tech stack. In addition to your current ZephyrTel solution, you can select any number of solutions from our growing portfolio.

Get ZephyrTel Prime today

ZT solutions

Why ZephyrTel Prime

Multiple Products

Unlock access to our entire library of solutions and add new software capabilities into your organisation.

Cost Savings

Access to software at little to no cost, so you can switch from expensive products or launch a new initiative you’ve been wanting to tackle.

Growing Value

Continuing to add new solutions to our ZephyrTel Prime portfolio through targeted acquisitions of leading Telco software solutions.

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Tuesday, 27 April 2021, 9 am New York, 2 pm London

Join Mark Collins, SVP of Commercial Product Management to learn more about the six strategic moves and the benefits they bring for a Telco operator.

An exciting future for Telcos - are you prepared?

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"50% of all BSS will be in the cloud by 2020"

- 2017 TM Forum survey -

"The cloud on its weakest day is more secure than a client-server solution..."

- Associate Deputy Director of Digital Innovation, CIA -

Are you ready to reinvent on cloud?

While Telco providers are already selling innovative cloud solutions to their customers, they have been slow to adopt for their own critical business systems for a variety of reasons.

  • Held back by fragmented, on-premise legacy technologies that need constant customisation and integration?
  • Paying far too much for legacy premise-based solutions from multiple vendors?
  • Fed up with long implementation cycles and a high Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)?

Telcos need to be working on the cloud NOW.


Are you ready to compete on cloud?

We’re here to help you compete and win. As the industry leader in migrating Telco solutions to the public cloud, with 300+ global customers leveraging our end-to-end suite of solutions, our journey is just beginning. We can help you unlock the value of data coming from the ever-expanding array of devices, applications and sources so you can innovate at pace, create new services your customers will love and take back customer-share.

  • Broadest portfolio of Telco software solutions available from one single vendor
  • Substantial investments in the development and delivery of innovative new capabilities for our existing solutions
  • TCO reductions of up to 80% with industry-standard solutions rather than expensive, tailored customisations
  • 100% focused on customer success

The provider of choice…

300+ Global Customers

80% TCO Reduction (up to)

100% Customer Focus

To help the leading players in the Telco industry innovate and achieve meaningful change through our growing suite of cloud-native software solutions.

Cloud Solutions for Telco

We are laser focused on helping Telco customers accelerate their business reinvention through our growing suite of solutions. To date, we've assembled the broadest portfolio of solutions and will expand this through acquisition to ensure our Telco customers have what they need to rewrite the rules and win.

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