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ZephyrTel serves the telecommunications industry worldwide, delivering an extensive portfolio of Telco cloud solutions for mobile, infrastructure, retail and customer experience.

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CloudForward Vision

Our strategy of acquiring dedicated Telco Software companies will continue to serve our Cloud portfolio plans while maintaining customer’s stability.

We are acquiring a full Billing & Charging stack to complement our existing solutions.

We have IoT, 5G, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning solutions ready to be deployed using AWS.

Why CloudForward for Telecommunications Carriers?

Solving the issues of carrier legacy infrastructures for both Network and IT increases the ability to compete with the OTT vendors.

Enables telco carriers to significantly lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by 70-90%.

We are delivering through AWS the browser enabled, simplified applications that customers are demanding.

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Your Journey to CloudForward

The ZephyrTel Factory is a key differentiator for our company

  • Able to on-board acquired companies software and support in 90 days
  • Fixes any defects with a weekly enhancement release
  • Key resource in moving products to the AWS Cloud

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Partner with our customers on their journey to the Cloud

  • We use our factory capabilities to improve acquired products and to develop fully Cloud native software
  • This deployment will take full advantage of AWS Cloud capabilities, thus improving performance, resilience, scalability and throughput
  • Globally deployed Professional Services + 24/7 Support capability